Ways Command Hooks Can Be Used in Your RV

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RVing is, in a lot of ways, like being at home. At the end of each leg of your trip, you setup up at an RV park or campground and you can hardly tell the difference. You’ve got your fully functional kitchen and bathroom, ample sleeping space, plenty of storage, and lots of amenities. One big difference, however, is that your RV’s walls aren’t really the same, which you’ll notice anytime you try to hang something. You don’t want to drive a nail into the wall after all.

Your best bet is to make good use of Command strips, which come in a wide variety of types, so there’s probably a Command strip for anything you’d want to hang. Here are some ways to make use of Command strips in your RV.

Create Extra Storage Space in Your Kitchen or Bathroom

One of the most useful things to do with Command strips in your RV is to create extra storage space in areas that most need it, like your kitchen and bathroom. There are spaces in both that are unused and are perfect for Command strips. For example, the interior space on a cabinet door is great for hanging bins or baskets. Otherwise, it’s space that’s going unused. If your cabinets are too crowded to fit baskets or bins, you can always hang utensils in your kitchen or things like brushes in your bathroom.

Add Some on the Outside of Your RV

Having a few applied to the outside of your RV can add some versatility and utility. From hanging towels to dry to making it easy to string some Christmas lights onto the outside of your rig, some well placed Command strips can really go far.

Hang Stuff from the Ceiling or Under Cabinets

Another handy idea is to put some on the ceiling or under cabinets. You can hang mugs, for example, underneath cabinets to create some room for other items in your cabinets. The ceiling can be a good place to hang some small potted plants, perhaps some herbs for cooking.

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