Viking Ultra-Lite RV Review: EXTRA LIGHT

If you’re looking for a way to bridge the gap between travel trailers and pop-up campers, then you’ll love our Viking Ultra-Lite RVs for sale!  The Viking RVs offer the compact qualities and upgraded amenities in the expandables, pop-up campers, and travel trailers. For more details on each, continue reading our Viking Ultra-Lite Review… 


The Expandable

Viking Ultra Lite Expandable


If you’re looking for a way to bridge the gap between travel trailers and pop-up campers, then you might be looking for an expandable!  Expandables offer the compact qualities of a pop-up with the upgraded amenities of a travel trailer.

Our Viking Ultra Lite expandable for sale has an aerodynamic front profile for even lighter towing, providing easy maneuvering on the road. For durable construction, Viking built the expandable with a diamond plate front and rear wall protection.

The interior features are extremely convenient to have with you in a compact space. The 100% adhesion residential grade linoleum and the spacious, residential laminated countertops make it easy to clean! When you’re camping, the dirt appears on the floors more often than we like, and after meals you’ll appreciate the quick clean up.

For an evening snack, throw popcorn in the microwave and when you’re done, wash the dishes in the stone cast sink.

Enjoy the dark ash cabinetry and Mortise and Tenon residential cabinet doors for a warm atmosphere. The ultra comfort high density cushions provide you with a relaxing place to rest, and enjoy the 13,500 BTU roof A/C when it’s hot outside. When it’s chilly in the evenings, turn up the 20,000 BTU furnace to keep a restful temperature while you’re sleeping.


The Pop-Up Camper

Viking Pop-Up Camper


If you’re looking to leap into the RVing world, but don’t want to give up the open-air feel of tent camping, then a pop-up camper may be perfect for you!  These compact, easy-to-tow campers are perfect for on-the-go families that love to sleep with the breeze on their skin but need a better solution for rainy days than a tent can offer.

Pop-up campers fold down into a compact towing trailer and easily expand to provide enough space for the whole family once you arrive at the campground.

This Viking pop-up has a tubular steel frame, which makes it durable and safe, when adding the laminated fiberglass walls. The dual drive winch and heavy duty dolly jack with wheel are great exterior features, as well. It provides you with electric brakes and radial tires as a plus.

You and your family will LOVE the exterior wall mount LP grill! It’s a great feature to have for some of your future barbecues. There is also an E-Z sing stepper door and a one piece screen door. The exterior has a lot more features, as well, including the diamond plate front and rear wall protection, which makes it harder for the walls to chip against the rocks of the road.

Enjoy the patio light at night, and then slip into bed with the laminated, insulated bed platforms. This particular feature creates a warmer, more comfortable area for you to sleep, and adding the “Zero Exposure” bunk technology is a huge benefit!

Because it gets cooler at night, you’ll love the ultra comfort 4″ heated mattresses and the vented privacy drapes. Similar to the expandable, the Viking designed the pop-up with dark ash cabinetry and residential laminated countertops, as well. You can’t go wrong with the pop-up!


The Travel Trailer

Viking Travel Trailer


If the great outdoors has been calling your name this Viking Ultra-Lite travel trailer is ready to tackle your next adventure with you!  Travel trailers are a great RV to have, as the enclosed walls give it a more comfortable sense if you don’t enjoy the breeze on your face when you’re indoors.

You can hike and bike around an RV park and retire to a queen bed and bunk beds. A great feature of the travel trailer is the full bathroom, and you can enjoy making dinner for everyone with the kitchen amenities provided. The bike door under the bunks allows extra storage inside the trailer when moving down the road. It’s time to enjoy what you have worked for, some vacation time with the family!

The lightweight of the Viking gives this travel trailer a boost up in popularity within the world of RVs. With any Viking Ultra-Lite, you’ll enjoy a smooth ride with dual Dexter E-Z Lube axles and aerodynamic front profile. Inside you will find 100% adhesion residential grade linoleum and residential laminated countertops, as any Viking brings you this kind of easy clean up. Remember, convenience is kind of their “thing.”

This travel trailer features a Jensen AM/FM Bluetooth stereo with App control and an interior command center as well.


Choose What’s Best for You

Come on in and look at all of these Viking RVs for sale. It’ll be better to make a decision in person, and we’ll be happy to assist. Contact us today and meet up with one of our friendly, helpful staff while you pick out the best Viking for you!

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