Viking Saga Travel Trailer Review

Our Viking Saga for sale is a great choice for those who are looking for a smaller family travel trailer that has great fuel efficiency and isn’t too bad concerning the price range. Every one of the Viking Saga travel trailers has the necessities you’ll need to camp well. If you’re interested in more details, let’s look at the Viking Saga travel trailer review together…


Viking Saga Exterior


You will find that the construction of the Viking Saga is extremely durable for a compact travel trailer. It is built with a Diamond Plate Front and Rear Wall Protection and a Heavy Duty .030/.024 Mesa Exterior, which has an Aerodynamic Front Profile to make it easier to tow. If you’re interested in Tinted Safety Glass Windows, the Saga has that, too!

For those with a more difficult time getting around, use the Grab Handle put there for your convenience, and use the Power Awning to do the heavy lifting for you instead of pulling it out yourself.

Here are some additional exterior features we know you’ll love:

  • Front Rockguard Window
  • Radius Entry and Baggage Doors
  • Alpha Superflex Roofing
  • Bathroom Skylight
  • Manual Bath Vent
  • Cable/Satellite Hook-up
  • Zamp Solar Port
  • 120V GFI Exterior Recept
  • Amber Patio Light
  • LED Exterior Lights


Viking Saga Interior


When it comes to interior features, the Saga gives you everything you need to camp comfortably and conveniently.

Each unit sleeps three to five individuals comfortably, which makes this a perfect camping choice for any young family looking to enjoy a weekend in the mountains or a fun vacation to a campground near the sandy beach. You will also find kitchen and bathroom accommodations which allow you to cook meals that will keep everyone’s bellies full and to stay clean no matter how dirty you get playing outdoors.


Viking Saga Interior Bed


Come back to a trailer with a set of Bunk Beds and a Double-Size Bed (depending on model), and no one will have to fight over who gets a good night’s sleep. In the morning, you will find it easy to prepare a hearty breakfast for everyone since this unit contains a 2-Burner Range Top in the kitchen. You’ll also enjoy not having a take trip to the campground bathroom or finding a good tree with the Full Bathroom.

Because of its easy-to-tow structure, the Saga travel trailer by Viking “redefines value and gives the budget-conscious family an uncompromising unit to take on upcoming adventures.” With the Saga, you get an affordable camping experience that still provides all of the quality and comforts of other full-size units.

Here’s a list of additional interior features we know you’ll enjoy:

  • 100% Adhesion Residential Grade Linoleum
  • Walnut Cabinetry
  • Screwed Lumbercore Cabinet Fronts
  • Residential Laminated Countertops
  • Ultra Comfort 4″ High Density Cushions
  • 12V LED Interior Lights
  • Stone Cast Sink

You will not regret considering our Viking Saga as a top choice for your next or even first recreational vehicle! If you have any questions, we’d be happy to help, so please contact us today. We wish you happy camping and a great start to your RVing lifestyle.

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