Three questions to ask yourself before selecting your first R.V.

A lot of time, thought and effort will go into choose your first R.V. This purchase is a large investment, and you should think carefully about all of your choices.

Our suggestion is to always speak with a recreational vehicle professional before purchasing. Those who are the industry are your best bet for finding the perfect match- they know what brands have stood the test of time, what’s new on the market, and what will best suit your needs.

However, with that being said, we’ve compiled a list of the top three questions you should ask yourself to help narrow down your selection:

  1. What kind of campgrounds do you want to frequent?
    Do you like being in national parks, or back woods? Do you want to step off the beaten path? Or do you like exploring different cities? Maybe staying at a campground with a pool and breakfast is more your style?
    Knowing where you want to go makes a huge difference in the vehicle of choice. Backwoods RVing requires a shorter, more agile vehicle. If you like more space, or intend to live in your RV full time, you may consider a large vehicle.
  2. Where will you be going?
    Motorhomes and fifth wheels are similar to cars- some are better than others for cold weather and trucking through the wilderness. If you are going to remain in relatively flat areas, you may not need that extra power in your rig or tow vehicle. On the other hand, if you are going to frequent mountainous areas or colder climates, you may want to spend more money on more power for safety, fuel efficiency, and engine longevity.
  3. How much time will you spend in the vehicle?
    Will you be cooking? Entertaining? Showering? It is important to know what features will be important to help you be more comfortable.

Whatever you’re looking for, the professionals at Freedom RV can help you find it, be it the perfect fit.

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