This Hike Will Lead You to Two Insanely Beautiful Waterfalls


If you want your hiking trails to have some sort of payoff at the end, you’ll definitely enjoy hiking the Siouxan Creek Trail in Washington: not only is there a waterfall at the end of the trail, but there’s one along the trail too. What could be better than that?

The Siouxan Creek Trail is located in southwest Washington near the town of Amboy. It’s an easy trail for the most part with long stretched of either flat terrain or very gradual grades (it’s only 500 feet of cumulative elevation). The trail system it’s part of is fairly lengthy and might take more than a day to see it all, so consider bringing a well provisioned hiking pack complete with a tent if you want to see the trail in its entirety. Be warned that the trail as a whole is moderately primitive and is not meticulously maintained, so it’s recommended that you know where you’re going and to have a map with your supplies.

The trail winds through old growth forests full of Douglas firs, western hemlocks, and ferns. Besides two larger waterfalls, there are a handful of smaller ones along the way.

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