Surprising Things About the RV Life


The RV lifestyle is full of surprises. Some of the biggest surprises are just how different living in a home on wheels is. On the other hand, it’s equally surprising just how similar your motorhome or travel trailer is to your brick and mortar home. In fact, these are probably the biggest surprises of all, the misconceptions about the RV lifestyle.

Cooking in an RV is Totally Doable

You might think that with the smaller kitchen, cooking full meals in your RV’s kitchen would be next to impossible. In reality, an RV’s kitchen is fully equipped like your kitchen at home and the meals you make in it can be every bit as complex and delicious. Sure, you might have to learn to manage your space better, but most RVers get the hang of it with practice.

The Toilets Aren’t All That Different

You might have some undue trepidation about using your RV’s toilet, but you really shouldn’t. It flushes into a holding tank rather than a sewage system and… that’s about where the differences end. There are some minor cosmetic differences (like you might have a foot flusher rather than a handle), but that’s about it. Oh, and you don’t have to get special toilet paper either.

Decorating is Definitely on the Table

You might think that decorating might be difficult in what’s essentially a vehicle. After all, all that swaying and bumping as you drive surely isn’t conducive to decorating, right? Actually, RVs are pretty stable and your decorations will absolutely stay in place. So feel free to take your favorite photos, paintings, and even plants.

Not only can you decorate your RV, but you can even renovate and remodel if you’ve got the ambition to do so. Check out the internet for some good ideas on how you can modify and enhance your rig.

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