RV Sale: Great Deals on Used RVs!

When it comes to RVs, we all know they can get pretty pricey. If you’ve been considering buying an RV and you’re on a tight budget, we sell bank repos that are well taken care of and in great shape. Any of our used RVs are worth taking a look at, but let’s dig a little deeper into the details of some of our bank repos for sale!



Fleetwood Southwind Motorhome RV Used


If you’re wanting a great deal, take a look at our 1999 Fleetwood Southwind Motorhome for sale. This RV is well kept on the interior, making for a clean space and a comfortable living area. The Fleetwood provides you with a sofa to cozy down into for the evening, or if you’re ready for dinner you can take a seat at the four-seat dinette.

The kitchen boasts a microwave, oven, and a sink for your dirty dishes. A spacious sink is important when owning an RV, as you have to hand wash anything you use, so consider this sink a great asset!


Fleetwood Southwind Motorhome Used Interior


Truck Camper

Fleetwood Caribou Used Truck Camper Exterior


If you’re looking for something more easily maneuverable than a motorhome, check out the 2000 Fleetwood RV Caribou Truck Camper. This RV is easily driven from campground to campground, or it can also be taken into the woods and used for easy access to hunting grounds. Whether it’s you and your significant other or it’s just you, this is a fun and convenient way to camp!


Fleetwood Caribou Used


We take great care of our used RVs to ensure that our customers are satisfied in getting what they paid for, so check out our RV sale on bank repos! Every bank repo we sell has its benefits, and if you have any questions on any specific RV or if you’re just curious as to what other available RVs we have, please contact us. We love connecting with our customers, and we know that you’ll be happy to have all of your inquiries answered.

A great benefit to buying used is that the RV is already broken in! With a new RV, there are a lot of new things that are difficult to deal with at times, so having a used RV is a great way to not only save money, but to make it easier on yourself, especially if you’re a beginner. We wish you well as you venture into RVing!

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