RV Camping Hacks: 3 Ways to Create a Better RV Living Space

Freedom RV has a passion for camping, and we know a thing or two about living the RVing life to the fullest. If you’re just beginning this journey and desire to join the RVer community, check out our New RVs for sale, or browse through our Used RVs for sale. Whether you’ve been RVing all you’re life or you’re just starting out, these 3 RV camping hacks will help you create the best RV lifestyle that caters to your personal needs.


3 Camping Hacks Poster


1. Blackout Curtains

Almost a no-brainer, but not quite as popular yet! Blackout curtains are a must-have addition to your RVing life. There have been too many times when you finally settle down for the night in your RV and you find out there is a lamp light right on the outskirts of your campsite. This causes a restless night to ensue, and then you’re not able to enjoy your camping experience.

Whether it’s a lamplight or you need a nap during a particularly sunny day, you’ll thank yourself for purchasing blackout curtains!


2. Ziploc Storage Bag Outfits

This may sound weird at first, but this is perfect for a week vacation with kids! This may not apply to your outfits, but for kids that usually get into their clothes and leave a huge mess all over an already small RV space, this is the perfect solution.

Pack each outfit (with everything you need) in separate ziploc storage bags. Make sure that all of the air is out of them to create maximum space for all of the bags. Your kids will be able to just grab a bag and go! This not only contains the mess, but also provides more space in small storage spaces (perfect for RVs!).


3. Tortilla Chips

Alright, we saved the best for last! Imagine you’ve just had a somewhat damp day in the outdoors, and you want to start a campfire to hang around. You just want some time warming by the fire, enjoying a few laughs with the family, but the fire won’t start!

Sometimes it’s difficult to get any fire started. Whether it’s been a damp day or dry day, there are times when the frustration kicks in as you struggle to light it up. This is where the tortilla chips come in. If you don’t have any old tree needles or they just won’t work, tortilla chips burn quickly! Keeping a bag of this yummy snack in your RV could save your evening by the fire in the future!


Enjoy the RV Life

We want you as campers to have the best RV experience that you can have, and these 3 hacks will be helpful in creating a great RV space for your family. If you have any questions, or if you would like to stop by, please contact us. We love meeting new people–especially camping people!

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