First-Timer’s FAQ on the RV Lifestyle


If you’ve never been in an RV and are considering buying your first rig, you should go for it. However, how do you know you’ll enjoy it though? Can you even drive an RV? Freedom RV is here to answer your nagging questions about owning an RV.

What’s it like to drive?

Driving an RV for the first time can be daunting. You’ve got a lot of extra vehicle behind you and some RVs are wide enough that they virtually take up the entire lane you’re in, so lane integrity becomes more important than ever.

Truth be told, however, it doesn’t take all that long to get used to it. Once you get used to the width and learn how to make a turn, you’ll almost forget that you’re driving something bigger than you’re used to. Just take it slow and you’ll be fine.

If you’re not confident in your ability to drive a humongous Class A, don’t try it your first time. A Class C might be perfect for your first go.

If you’re someone who tows trailers around, you likely won’t even notice the difference.

Also good to know: you do not need a special license to operate an RV. If you’ve got a Class C license for operating a car or truck, that applies to RVs as well.

Can I stay connected? How will I entertain the kids while we drive?

If you’re worried about internet, generally you can’t rely on an internet signal while driving, but almost all RV campgrounds have WiFi, which is generally better or at least comparable to the WiFi you’d find at a hotel.

As for entertainment, watching the world go by in an RV is different than in a car due to the fact that your view is generally through much larger windows. But if you’re not into landscape viewing or if your kids just tire of it, it’s a good idea to bring books along or other non-electric entertainment options. You can turn the generator on while you travel to gain access to electricity if need be.

Almost all RVs come equipped with a television. If the RV you get has one, bring along a few favorite films. They’re handy when the weather is too poor to go outside.

What about dealing with sewage?

Ah, the most dreaded of tasks. This is a chore you may not be looking forward to doing, but you’ve probably built it up to be something worse than it is. Cleaning out your black water tank, if done properly, is a clean process that shouldn’t emit any terrible odors. If you have any reservations on emptying your black water tank, just ask us at Freedom RV to help you through learning the process.

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