Eating Healthy on the Road


Some people use camping as an excuse to eat whatever they want, but others may be on a restricted diet and need to plan healthy meals. While you are camping, you can still prepare healthy meals – and some meals may be healthier if you use a grill where you would normally use a frying pan.

Divide meats into family-sized serving sizes and pack them in the freezer. Most RV freezers have limited space, so if you pack them in freezer bags, you can save a ton of space. For healthy options, pack chicken, fish and pork. Though venison is a red meat, it is healthy in that it doesn’t have any of the preservatives in store-bought meat (assuming you shot the deer and either butchered it yourself or used a butcher who does not add anything to the meat).

You can cook chicken several ways, so if you are on a doctor-ordered chicken diet, you can boil the chicken or you can cook it on an open grill – minus the skin. Add your favorite spices or barbecue sauce.

If you have fresh vegetables from your garden, pick them at the last minute, and then pack them in airtight containers. Some you can store in the fridge while you can store others in the freezer if you have space. They work well iced down in a cooler as long as they are in plastic containers. If you have corn on the cob, pack it in a paper bag and store it in a dark place. Fresh-picked corn will last several days without being refrigerated.

Fruit doesn’t seem to last as long, so cut up the fruit into bite-sized pieces. Store it in airtight containers in the cooler or refrigerator. You can even make individual fruit salads in smaller containers. The fruit will last longer than if you tried to store it whole, unless you have room in the refrigerator for whole fruit. Also, fresh-picked fruit lasts much longer than the fruit you buy at the store.

With these and other staples you pack, you can create a varied meal plan with just a few types of food. Just remember, keep chicken separate from everything, make sure your containers are airtight and baggies are sealed properly.

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