3 RV Winterization Tips You Need to Know

If you’re not interested in our RV Service Department winterizing your RV for you, we have three tips that we think will be helpful if you’re planning on winterizing your RV for yourself!


RV Winterization Tips Cover


1. Drain Your Water Heater

There are other options when winterizing your water lines. You can perform the anti-freeze method, the blowout method, or you can drain your water heater.

To drain your water heat, let it cool down and open a hot water faucet to relieve pressure in the tank (pump and city water off). After this, open the outside access panel and remove the plug at the bottom of the tank. Now you can flush all of the extra mineral salts out. Set the valves (a valve or set of valves that isolate the heater from the hot water lines) in the Bypass position. This should drain your water heater!


2. Cover Your RV

A lot of RVers option to cover their RV. Whether you get an RV cover or put it in some sort of covered area, it’s great to keep it out of the direct weather. This keeps it from getting damaged by snow and sleet.


3. Don’t Forget to Ventilate

Because of common moisture damage within your RV, make sure that your RV is in some way ventilated. If this means cracking a window or leaving the bathroom ceiling window open, make sure that it is covered from the rain and snow. This will allow the RV to “breathe” and will help prevent any build-up in moisture.

By winterizing your RV, you’ll be saving it for years and years to come. It’s important to take the time to take care of it, even if it does add some extra work on your part. If you’re more interested in letting someone else do it,¬†Freedom RV USA offers RV winterization at a low cost!

We wish you happy camping, RVers!

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