RV Tips: 3 Don’ts for Beginners

Ready to get out on the road and start your new RVing lifestyle with your new RV? You won’t want to go anywhere without these three “don’ts” for beginners! If you don’t do these three things, you’ll be helping yourself out tremendously for your first adventure, making it an easy, stress-free trip for the whole family.


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1. Don’t Overpack

We all do it. We understand the urge to overpack, to make sure you have everything you could possibly need for all the “just in case” moments… If you do this, you’ll find that you have way more than you need, and it takes up more space than you realize.

Spending long camping trips in a smaller, more compact area is a lot to take in when you feel like you’re in the midst of an overabundance of supposed necessities. So make sure to take only what you need!

Of course, we suggest you take precautions and always take a first aid kit, another set of clothes, and an extra towel, but beyond that, you may want to leave the three extra bags of chips and another week’s worth of clothes at home.


2. Don’t Set Up After Dark

This happens often enough, and it’s always a very difficult process. You may feel like it will be okay to get there right before the sun sets, but it may be worthwhile to leave an hour earlier, especially if it’s your first time setting up your new RV.

Maybe you’re not worried about setting up, but if you don’t know the layout of the campground very well, you may want to consider this. We’ve been in situations that leave us wondering how we’ll ever back up into your spot in the dark.

So make sure you get there early enough to see everything you’ll need for you first trip!


3. Don’t Get Locked Out of Your Campground

This situation doesn’t happen too often, but we still want to caution you to be mindful of the closing times of the campground. If it’s a 24/7 park, you won’t have to worry about this at all. But if it’s not and the campground has quiet hours, sometimes it means they close the gates, as well.

So be sure to check the times and get the necessary information of when to come in and when to leave.


Don’t Forget to Enjoy Yourself!

Here at Freedom, we value our customers and we always enjoy hearing about the fun adventures everyone has with their RVs.  We’d love to get to know you and help you get on your way as a beginning RVer, so if you have any questions please contact us. If you’re just looking for RV tips, try these three “don’ts” to make your first trip the best camping trip ever!

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